Partial List of Manufacturing Equipment


Hot Air Welding Machines

Portable Vinyl Welders

Radio Frequency Welding Machines

Computer Automated Vacuum Cutters

Portable Rotary & Wave Blade Cutters

Die Cutters

Fabric End Cutters

Fabric Roll Slitters & Converters

Programmable Pattern Sewing Machines

Lockstitch Sewing Machines

Grommetting Systems

Large Format Digitizers

CAD Design System

In-House Machine Shop




Contract Manufacturing

Zebec has a complete manufacturing facility in the USA outfitted with all the latest equipment to produce top quality products. We accept contract manufacturing projects of all types and sizes. With our advanced manufacturing machinery and design systems, we can assist you in developing your concept into a high quality product.

Hot Air Welding
We have manual, computer controlled, small throat, large throat and portable hot air welding machines capable of welding just about any project.

Radio Frequency Welding
We have RF welding machines complete with automated turn tables to handle larger projects.

Computer Controlled Cutting
We provide cutting services on a large variety of materials. Most cutting is performed on computer controlled vacuum tables with multiple tools including rotary blades, drag knives, hole punches, notch punches, ink pens and air ink sprayers. Projects are cut directly from CAD files with automated nesting to provide quick and accurate cutting.

Die Cutting
For heavier materials we also offer a full range of die cutting services.

In-House Machine Shop
We have the ability to produce most dies and support items in-house. This gives us greater flexibility and fast turn around times for manufacturing.

Most all types and sizes available.


Programmable Pattern Sewing
We offer pattern sewing with automated programmable pattern sewing machines that can use light and heavy weight threads. Patterns are programmable so we can provide just about any pattern.

Lockstitch Sewing
We have lockstitch sewing machines in different configurations to handle most any sewing project.

Pattern Digitizing
We offer large format digitizing of existing patterns. We can digitize intricate patterns so they can be modified in a CAD program or sent directly to an automated cutter.

CAD Design
We offer complete CAD design services to take your project from concept to production. CAD design is tightly integrated into our production processes to quickly and accurately produce prototypes and finished designs.

Roll Slitting & Converting
We can convert rolled sheet material to just about any size needed. In addition to unwinding and rewinding, we also have the capability to slice the entire roll to any width.

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