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We repair most all types of inflatables. Just give us a call. We have complete repair facilities and offer a quick turnaround on all repairs. We also repair competitor's models.


Inflatable Barriers



INFLATABLE BARRIERS: Made in USA.  We offer custom Inflatable Barriers designed to your specifications for most any application where you need to separate an area. Barriers can be used to separate different parts of your pool or where multiple slides empty into the same pool, barriers can be placed between each slide to ensure riders do not hit each other. This can increase your riders per hour by eliminating the need to wait for one rider to clear the catch pool before sending a rider down an adjacent slide.

Colors:  Inflatable Barriers are available in a wide variety of colors. Raft Colors

Quality Construction: Zebec Inflatable Barriers are completely made in our own USA facility. Barriers are constructed with welded seams (not glued) and then each seam is reinforced with extra seam tape. This construction provides a positive seam seal every time.

Incredibly Strong Fabric: All Zebec Inflatable Barriers are made with heavy-duty, reinforced fabric that is incredibly strong and durable. This super tough fabric has high abrasion, tear and chemical resistance properties to provide a rugged, dependable Barrier that you can count on.

Low-Profile Valves: Inflatable Barriers have large volume, low profile inflation valves. Valves are very resilient and easy to replace if needed.


Inflatable Barrier

Custom Made to Fit Your Area: All Inflatable Barriers are custom manufactured to fit your particular needs. Tube configuration, diameters and lengths can be any size that you need. We can manufacture any size - such as a single tube 12" in Diameter (or any size) and 10', 20', 50', 100' etc. in length. In cases where you need a taller, narrow barriers we can stack multiple tubes on top of each other.

If you have a 100' section that you wish to separate, we can also make 10ea individual 10' barriers anchored together.

Anchoring Hardware: Anchoring and attachment points are all made with extra heavy-duty materials. Any metal hardware used is stainless steel to resist corrosion. We can provide any anchoring solutions needed. Some examples are D-Rings, Snap Hooks, Quicklinks and Large Turnbuckles.

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