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New Waterpark Considerations

If you are planning to open a new waterpark or are operating a waterpark for the first season, here are a few considerations that you may find helpful:

Minimize Drag
Try to minimize the distance that your customers are required to carry tubes around the park. Most customs will simply grab a handle and drag tubes instead of carrying them. This cause tubes to wear out much faster and increases your replacement costs.

No Sharp Objects
Check park and rides for sharp objects, corners and rough surfaces. You can extend the life of your inflatables by removing these hazards.

Read Operating Guide
Ensure that park personnel read the Zebec Safety & Operating Guide to become familiar with the safe use of our products.


Do Not Over-Inflate
Over-inflation is the cause of most tube failures. A properly inflated tube still has wrinkles all around the tube to allow for air expansion. The air inside of a tube will expand throughout the day as the sun warms up. Ensure that your park operators are fully trained on proper inflation procedures.

Use Overhead Cover
When inflatables are not being used, store them out of direct sunlight. Try to have a covered area near rides to store tubes not being used.


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