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What is the water trampoline tube body made of?

The trampoline and attachments are made with heavy-duty, reinforced 32 ounce material. This specially formulated material includes UV inhibitors that lessen the effects of direct sunlight. It is a commercial grade material that is extremely tough and durable.

Why is your material better?

All Zebec trampolines and attachments are made with 32 oz, heavy-duty material. Compare this to some of our competitors (they use 22 oz fabric) We use only high quality, super tough material that will last longer than other fabrics. This is also the same material that we use to make our commercial waterpark rafts which may go down a waterslide over 100 times per day.

How do I inflate and deflate the water trampoline?

We recommend using a commercial grade inflator / deflator like the Zebec Deluxe Power Inflator. This inflator will inflate and deflate your trampoline very quickly. You can also use a strong shop vacuum to inflate the trampoline. We do not recommend using an air compressor.

Can I use an Air Compressor to inflate the water trampoline?

We do not recommend using an air compressor. The output on most air compressors is much too high and may cause your inflatable to burst. Use only a low-pressure, high-volume inflator such as the Zebec Power Inflator and a good shop vacuum.

How long does it take to set up the water trampoline?

The trampoline is very easy to set up. It takes about one to two hours to set up the trampoline the first time. Then the next time your set up time will be much quicker since you will be familiar with the process.


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